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Signature Massage Singapore

Experience Tranquility with Our Signature Foot and Body Massage

The Luxe House provides you peace, relaxation and well-being through the miraculous healing power of foot and body massage. Our signature foot and body therapies address all the issues associated with the imbalances that occur in our body due to hectic modern lifestyle.

Each massage therapy combines a variety of healing techniques that are both invigorating and deeply relaxing. From a detoxifying herbal foot bath to traditional cupping and the use of soothing warm heat and herbal essences, our flowing massage techniques will relieve your stress and restore your health. With the expertise of our skilled masters, each of these therapies will bring about a positive effect on your mind and body.

We assure our aromatic body massage will leave you looking and feeling your best! Also check out our facial treatments making your skin look young, supple and radiant.

Our Massage Service Include:

Traditional Acupressure Foot Massage (60 min)

In this fast-paced urban life, our feet are under tremendous pressure to provide support for the body. In the midst of our busy activities, it is easy to overlook essential foot care. At The Luxe House, you can relax and leave this most intimate care and attention for your feet to us.

Intensive Rejuv Foot & Back Therapy (80 min)

Recommended for anyone who suffers extreme heavy legs and body tension that leads to fatigue and requires a total rejuvenation.

Happy Sixties Foot & Back Therapy (60 min)

This massage therapy is for quick relieve, for people with chronic fatigue, anxiety symptoms, and backaches due to sedentary lifestyle, and extensive computer work or driving.

Head & Shoulder Quick Relief (60 min)

This massage therapy is targeted at the head and shoulders for quick relief of neck and shoulder, recommended for people with active lifestyles suffering from long-term neck and shoulder muscle aches.

Royal Meridian Foot & Back Massage

This massage therapy is highly recommended for people with chronic fatigue, anxiety symptoms, and backaches due to sedentary lifestyle, and extensive computer work or driving.

Divine Body Care

Using The Luxe House proprietary pure essential oil blends, our Divine Body Care is a complete massage therapy that satisfies the mind, soul and body.

Total Tension Relief Body Massage

This physiological technique of muscle and joint mobilization is based on the fusion of ancient philosophy of martial art and modern fitness theory, to improve the body’s muscular and joint functions, and promotes good body posture. This is an essential massage therapy to prevent all forms of chronic ailments relating to muscular and joints problems.