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Facial Treatments

Premier Facial Treatment for Remarkable Results

The Luxe House offers one of the premier facial treatments designed to address all the underlying problems in your skin such as aging signs, uneven skin tone and hyper-pigmentation.

Our carefully chosen botanical extracts hydrate and brighten your skin, making it look young, supple and radiant. Indulge yourself in one of the many facial treatments offered at The Luxe House and bid goodbye to all the skin problems.

Our expert facial spa specialists pamper your face with a holistic treatment to let you experience deep cleansing, while giving you a nourishing skin.

Come experience our cleansing express facial, coupled with a scrub to remove dead skin cells, followed by a facial massage to promote blood circulation, ending with a mask to seal in the goodness.

Regain your confidence and uplift your mood with one of the best facial treatment offered by The Luxe House!

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Refreshing Facial (30 mins)

Come experience our cleansing express facial at The Luxe House. This 30 minutes facial deeply cleanses the skin coupled with a scrub to remove dead skin cells. This is then followed by a facial massage to promote blood circulation ending with a mask to seal in the goodness. This refreshing facial is specially tailored to the busy individual who wants a quick cleansing and massage to rejuvenate and clean the face.

Essential Facial (75  mins)

Deep Cleanse, Protect & Nourish with Botanical Extracts.

Advanced Facial (90 mins) 

Combines the Power of Stem Cell Extracts & Use of Mesotherapy Technology.

Ultimate Pampering Facials (120 mins) 

Complete with Ultrasonic Lifting, Concentrated Serums & Bio Mask Technology.

Specialty Services

Windows to the Soul Eye Treatment  (30 mins)

An anti-fatigue eye treatment which reduces dark circles, fine lines & puffy eyes. Highly recommended as an add-on to any facial or body massage service. This treatment includes serum & machine therapy.

Neck & Decollete Treatment (40 mins) 

An effective treatment to reduce fine aging lines on the neck & decollete. This treatment uses concentrated lifting serum & ultrasonic therapy to lift & firm your neck, including enhances V-shaped face.

Botanical Concentrate Top-Up (10 mins) 

Advanced Hydrating / Advanced Whitening / Sensitive Skin Recovery / Anti-Blemish / High Performance Lifting Serum

(Performed with Mesotherapy).

Hydration (with Essential Facial)

To hydrate & moisturises dry, parched skin to reveal supple, youthful radiance. Hyaluronic extracts will further plump the skin, giving you instant glow & smooth complexion.

Soothe & Calm (with Essential Facial)

Essential soothing & calming facial which uses concentrated serums & masks to cocoon, protect & repair your skin. Probiotics will further nourish & help skin to regain its natural balance.

Clarify & Purify (with Essential Facial)

Deep cleansing & purifying treatment for oily & congested skin prone to acne & blackheads. Gentle exfoliation & cleansing with fruit acids & herbal extracts will ride impurities, reduce breakouts & heal your skin.

Hydraforce Dew (with Advanced Facial)

Essential water-loving plant extracts will plump up your skin leaving it well hydrated, free from lines & stress. Your skin will glow from the natural infusion of stem cells & ceramides.

Youth Radiance (with Advanced Facial)

Double exfoliation & infused with cocktail of vitamins & minerals. Your skin will regain its youthful suppleness & natural glow. Double booster mask will protect & nourish leaving your skin smoother & brighter.

Collagen Booster (with Advanced Facial)

Perfect facial for preventing signs of aging for all skin types & all age groups. Skin will be plumped up, signs of fatigue banished with clearer complexion.

Luminous – Brightening (with Ultimate Pampering Facial)

Plant extracts & stem cells with aid in healing, recovery of dark spots & uneven skin tone. Natural anti-oxidants & UV factors will prevent n& protect the skin from future cellular damage.

Timeless – Firming & Lifting (with Ultimate Pampering Facial)

Sagging skin & wrinkles will benefit from this facial, due to cellular replenishing actions of stem cells. Skin in firm, lifted & smoother, free from fine lines in this facial.

The Luxe House – Anti-aging (with Ultimate Pampering Facial)

Anti-aging treatment will focuses on fine lines, plumping up of loose dehydrated dry skin, whilst replenishing skin’s natural moisturising factors to reveal a youthful complexion.