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Good things are meant to be shared just like good spa boutiques that really puts your well being as their top most service motto. Being at The Luxe House many times I must say that this place has an ambience that I will never forget and most unique than other spas that I had been to. And the service there makes me feel like a queen…. Highly recommended…. Definitely money well spent….
Coreen Huang
Totally different from the other foot reflexology in Singapore. :)
Derrick Kwan
One of a kind. Awesome!
Janet Poh
I always fall asleep when I’m here- the therapies were too good, that’s why!
Juliana Cai
Such fantastic service and treatment, and they are opened daily till 1am. It’s the nicest place to bring my friends and clients after a late dinner to entertain and give them a relaxing time.
Suzanna Lim
My wife never had a better pampering than here at the Luxe House. She is happy, I am happier. Thank you!
Mark Lim
Top Class Wellness Center in Singapore, Experiance it yourself.
Alex Low
LUXE HOUSE is Awesome! Friendly Staffs, Nice Ambience, Great Place to relax. From Body Massage, Foot Reflexology and even Hair / Scalp Treats … Totally LOVE THIS PLACE!!
Lovie Wong